How to use lunges to get out of a tight spot


Exercise is a key part of every hockey player’s routine.

Here are a few things to know before going to the rink: LUNGE.

Exercise involves the contraction of the muscles and ligaments in the legs, trunk and hips.

It is a way to get your core muscles strong, to stretch out your body and to build the core.

The more muscles you use, the more stability you can have.

It also allows you to get a better grip on the puck and improve your ability to control it.


LUNGES can be used in many different ways.

The most common method is to stand in a neutral position, facing your goalie.

The goal is to keep your legs straight, and the more upright you are, the better.

If you can’t keep your knees straight, try leaning forward and bending your knees to your chest.

The idea is to get as much stability as possible.

Another way to do it is to sit in a squatting position, with your knees slightly bent.

Then, with one leg behind you, lower it to your knees and lower it back up.

This can be done with a chair, and you should get a feeling for the position of the knees before trying it.

If it is too difficult, you can try a dumbbell exercise.


Another good exercise to use is to jump from a standing position.

This allows you more stability than jumping from a crouch.

It will give you a good base for a lunges routine.


To use lungates, you need to be able to control the puck, but it is important to keep the puck in your hands and not the net.

This will allow you to use the muscles to stabilize the position.

Try to avoid using your hands as much as possible because you are not using the muscles as much to stabilize your position.

You should also be able the to hold your position, as it will help with your stabilizing.

For more lunges, watch this video:

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