When your pet is having a butt-fucking exercise, you may want to leave it alone

Exercise video makers may be able to use their video clips to promote their products, but you may need to think twice before they do.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that pets that are having a fun butt-topping exercise are less likely to experience pain during that exercise.

“These results demonstrate that pet owners may be better off not trying to engage in the exercise with their pets, but instead focusing on engaging their pets with their body,” said lead author Dr. Laura Schuster, an associate professor of veterinary medicine at Emory University School of Veterinary Medicine.

According to the study, the researchers found that exercise videos were more likely to be viewed by a pet than the same video that didn’t include a butt plug.

There are a number of reasons why butt-rubbing might be less enjoyable for pets than a standard butt plug exercise, said Dr. Schuster.

First, butt-tapping is a natural activity for humans and other mammals, which are known to be pain-averse.

Second, butt plugs are made of a polymer called PVC, which makes them less painful to the pet’s digestive tract, and they can be easily damaged by pets.

Third, butt plug training can help to prevent pet injuries and even lead to better outcomes.

And finally, the research shows that pet-friendly pet videos are less effective at getting their owners to exercise because they don’t include any explicit content.

Although butt-pumping may not be as fun as a butt play, the study does provide some interesting insight into why this is the case.

“In addition to the fact that the video footage was not included in the study because the pet was experiencing pain, it was also not included because the video had been reviewed and approved by the research team before it was released to the public,” Schuster said.

If you or someone you know has had a problem with pain or injury during butt-touch exercises, you can always contact a pet doctor.

If you’re interested in learning more about butt-training, you should check out our video, The Truth About Butt-Touch Training, which includes the latest research on butt-based exercise and pain relief.

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