5 exercises to get you ready for the job interview

A few days ago, I posted a few of my favorite exercises to prepare you for the interview. 

Now, I want to share with you the exercises I recommend.

They are not only very easy to do but they also come with a great benefit for you in the long run.

These exercises are a great tool to use if you want to improve your skills or get a job interview.

Let’s take a look at how they work. 


The Bigger Picture: The Biggest Picture Exercise The biggest question I get from candidates is: How much time will it take me to get the job done?

The big picture exercise helps you answer that question.

It’s an exercise that takes you through the steps of making an important decision that can save you money, reduce stress, or even get you fired from your job. 

To do the exercise, you must have a list of questions and objectives.

In the first half of the exercise you must list the questions you want answered, then you have to write them down. 

After that, ask yourself a few questions, and then answer the questions that you’ve already answered. 

For example, if you’re an accountant and you have a question that you need to ask your boss, write down the questions and then write down a list to answer them. 

When you’ve finished writing your list, answer the question on the list with the same answers you wrote in the list. 

In the second half of this exercise, you need more time to think about your answer and come up with an alternative.

For example, you might think about whether to take your time answering your question.

Or you might ask yourself: “What if I don’t answer this question? 

Why should I think about it when I’m not able to do so?” 

In each exercise, the bigger question you’re trying to answer is answered by the bigger list you’ve written down.

That’s a big time savings.

If you have questions about the work you did or what you did for the company, ask them directly to the interviewer. 

You can also use this exercise to make a plan to make more time available.

In this exercise you will answer each question with the answers you’ve got written down and then, you will have time to write down an answer to each of the remaining questions. 


Coding Exercise: The Code Exercise If you’re writing code for the computer, then the coding exercise is probably your number one choice. 

This exercise will help you understand the structure of the code you’re going to write and how it should be organized.

For each question, you’ll have to answer as many as you can. 

As you write the code, you can write as few or as many questions as you like. 

Once you finish writing, ask yourself “What if there were a function that could do what I’m writing now?” 

It’s very easy for you to start writing code, but then, after a while, you start to get stuck.

You get discouraged and start wondering how you can improve your code. 


Assessment Exercise: The Assessments This is a great exercise to test yourself and get a feel for your capabilities. 

If the exercise doesn’t work for you, ask your manager or someone else to take a second look. 

During the assessment, ask the following questions: What is your greatest strength? 

What are your weaknesses? 

Who are you? 

When and how often do you work on your weaknesses and strengths? 

Do you find yourself in situations where you can use your strengths to help your code solve a problem? 

Have you ever had to fix a problem in your code that you weren’t able to solve before? 

The exercises in this section help you find your strengths and weaknesses and identify which areas you need improvement. 


Programming Exercise: Testing and Improving This one is a must-have for anyone who wants to get into the coding world. 

It will help prepare you to code well and you can easily test your skills on a small set of tasks. 

Each of the exercises is divided into two parts. 

Firstly, you must choose one of the questions from the list and write it down.

The exercise then asks you to write the answer down.

In each part, you have three choices: Write down an outline of the task you are going to solve and then find the best solution. 

Write an algorithm that will solve the task. 

Make an improvement.

After you have the best algorithm, you then have to find the code to write it. 5. 

Comparing Exercise: Comparing To help you keep track of which exercises are good for you and which ones are not, the Comparing exercise is also a must. 

At the beginning of the week, you must write down the number of times you have successfully completed the exercises in the exercise and

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