Video: ‘The Vibe’ stars Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Graham, Ashley Judd to promote Vibe Yoga

VIBEY Yoga is bringing yoga to the masses, as it releases the first trailer for the new movie, “The Vibrating Exercise Machine.”

The movie will star “American Idol” star Kelly Clarkson and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Lauren Graham.

The Vibratory Fitness, which has a fitness program and studio in Los Angeles, will include a DVD and a video app that allows users to do their own workout.

“The vibe in this movie is totally new,” said Vibe co-founder and CEO Sarah Lee, in a statement.

“There’s something new and exciting about people taking the plunge into the yoga realm and embracing the body that has been hidden beneath the yoga mat.”

Lee said Vibes goal was to “create a wellness space for the community.”

“The vibes are all coming from the ground up,” Lee said.

“We have this incredibly vibrant community here, so we wanted to capture that energy and bring it into this world.”

Lee added that the company was “not afraid to say we’re not going to take our foot off the pedal and be more than a fitness company, but we are committed to bringing yoga and yoga culture to the mainstream.”

The film will be produced by the Vibe Entertainment Group, which also includes The Vibe Network, a production company founded by Lee and co-founders Ryan McBride and Michael Breen.

“Vibe has been a part of the wellness industry for a long time,” Lee told Fox News.

“Our goal is to do something that’s so accessible, so accessible to anyone that wants to take a class or try it out and connect with people who want to take it a step further.”

Vibe is known for creating its own yoga studio and has worked with celebrities including Kelly Clarkson.

“I think it was just really amazing to be a part and a part that has the same spirit and the same vision as the studio and the people behind it,” Clarkson told Fox Business Network’s Varney & Hayes last year.

“To be able to collaborate with these people, to work with them on a personal level, is really exciting and really inspiring.

I’ve got great confidence in the vision they have and they’ve been really supportive.”

Lee told the outlet that the Vibe team wanted to give yoga a platform that would be unique and “unmatched in the fitness world.”

“There is no place like it.

It’s going to be the future,” she said.

The film was produced by Vibe’s creative team, which includes Lee, Ryan McBean and Michael Smerdon.

The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters in October.

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