Windmill exercise: A foldable exercisebike

The new Windmill Exercise Bike from Flipside Cycle will not only provide you with the best foldable exercises out there, but it also looks really good and it’s a really good value too.

Flipside have already launched a limited edition Windmill Bike, but this one will be available exclusively at their website starting March 31.

The Flipside Windmill bike is made out of a lightweight and durable material and has a foldable design for a super compact size, which can easily fit inside a pack or bag.

FlipSide says the folding design of the Windmill is the result of their extensive research and development, which they hope will make folding bike riding fun and easy for anyone. 

The Windmill has a handlebar that flips up so you can adjust the bike’s position without having to remove the handlebars.

This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to lift the bike and you can position it to suit your own riding style and fitness level.

The handlebar folds outwards so you are able to sit on the bike without worrying about being pushed out.

Flip Side says that the folding system will be perfect for those who are looking for a folding bike for a compact bike that fits inside their bag or pack.

Flip side’s Windmill Bicycle will also be available in two colours: white and blue.

The Windmill can also be used as a mini-cycle for an easy and comfortable ride around town or a ride around the city.

Flip is also promising that they have a range of other folding bike accessories available for the WindMill.

You can also pick up a Flipside Bike T-Shirt and a Flip Side Bike Hoodie which will be included with the Wind Mill Bike. 

Flipside Wind Mill Cycle

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