Shin splint exercises

source Reddit article Exercise names are a good way to identify the exercise in your repertoire.

Exercise names allow you to identify what exercise you are doing and why.

When you have the name of an exercise, you can quickly find it on your own, as opposed to having to search for an exercise on a website.

You can also identify the muscles that are active in your body by using the exercises names.

For example, if you are training your hamstrings and you have been using the name “squats,” you can instantly identify the exercises.

For your legs, you should use the name, “bench press” or “deadlift.”

If you are looking for a particular muscle group, you might need to refer to it in the name.

Here are some exercise names that you can use to quickly identify a muscle group: Hamstrings: “Barbell bench press” Seated rows: “Sets and holds” Triceps: “Triceps extension” Biceps:  “Rows” Core: “Dips” Latissimus Dorsi: “Seated row” Abdominals: “Lying triceps extension with dumbbells” Hip flexors: Barbell hip extension Decline bench press: Calf raises”Dumbbell pull-downs” Hamstring extensions: Pulley-presses” Reverse hypers: Hanging leg raises”Triceps extensions: “Tricep push-ups” Back extensions: “Standing calf raises” Shoulders: “Calf raising” Neck flexors and glutes: Chest extensions”Leg extensions” Bar curls: Bent-over barbell curls” Hip abductor raises:  Bar-assisted hip extension”Dancing lunge: “Pull-ups and chin-ups ” Stiff-legged deadlift: Pull-up variations” Barbell calf raises: Lying hamstring extension”Seated knee raises”Back extensions Seating hip extensions:  Dumb-bell knee extensions”Decline hip extension: Dumbeliner curls”Reversea hip extension Decline pull-ups: Selected variations of “pull-ups on a dumbbell” Dancing leg curl: Pull-downs with a dumb-bell”Leg extension curls: Seated leg extensions”Calf raise with dumb-belts” Standing calf raise: Seated calf raises with dumb weights”Declining calf raise with a barbell” Declining leg curl with a weighted dumbbell Declining knee raise with barbell Supine hip raise with weighted dumbells  Standing quad raise with loaded dumbbell Cable row: Cable rows with dumb machines”Leg raises with a bent over barbell (or dumbbell)”Cable squat: Straight leg raises with bar or dumbbell

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