How to make a snowboarder play with a landmine exercise

The following article was originally published in The Jerusalem Report, an online publication published by The Jerusalem Committee for Human Rights.

We are grateful to the participants and contributors of the Exercise Landmine Workshop, who are working to increase awareness of the dangers of landmines.

Last year, we attended an exercise involving a large number of participants in the Landmine Safety Awareness Project, a non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening the safety of the community.

This year, in partnership with the United Nations and the IDF, we are bringing the event to the streets.

We plan to use the first installment of the program to help local residents understand how to prepare for landmin, and then, after a few days of training, to take a look at what happened during a land mine attack.

First, we’ll take a short tour of the area where the landmine exploded, and, when it’s over, we will tell the story of how the event occurred.

At the end of the tour, we hope that we can inspire people to take action and to be aware of the risks of the devices they use.

Our first stop is a small park in the outskirts of Jerusalem where a local group of residents is setting up a workshop to teach people how to properly use a landmin.

They’re also teaching people how they can take care of their personal safety during the event.

After this, we plan to bring the landminers and their owners to the city center to be put on display.

In addition to showing the public the dangers associated with landmined objects, we’re also planning to include videos from participants in an exercise that will include footage from the aftermath of an explosion.

After that, we invite everyone to attend a workshop on how to safely and responsibly handle a landmite.

We hope that these workshops and events help to build a more educated, resilient and safe population.

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