How to lift your hips while you exercise

Best shoulder exercises and cool down exercises to get your body moving, according to a recent AP study.

Here are the exercises and workouts to get you going, according the report:1.

Kettlebell SwingSquats: Move your hands into a 90-degree angle with your knees bent, your elbows pointed out, and your arms straight out.

Squats are great for building strength in your hips, hamstrings, and lower back, according a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.2.

Deadlift: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.

Push your knees out as far as possible, pushing your hips out.

Reach up with both arms to the sides of your head.

Hold for 30 seconds, then release.3.

Dumbbell Swing: Stand in front of a wall with your hands shoulder-length apart.

Keep your feet together and keep your back straight.

Squat down slowly, and slowly increase the weight.

Hold a weight for five to 10 seconds.4.

Cable Pull-Ups: Place a dumbbell between your legs and pull the dumbbell back to your chest.

Repeat for three sets of 20 reps.5.

Weighted Chin-Up: Place two dumbbells next to each other in a horizontal position.

Squeeze the dumbell up against your chest while pulling it back and forth.

Hold this position for three seconds.6.

Deadlifts: Stand straight with your legs bent.

Lift the dumbells off the ground and then stand back straight, with your arms spread out.

Hold one dumbbell for five seconds.7.

Weight Pull-ups: Stand facing the wall with one dumbell on each side and the other on your back.

Hold the dumbest dumbbell in the front of you and push it down.

Repeat four to six times.8.

Deadhang: Sit in a chair, with the bottom of your feet slightly lower than the top of your shoulders.

Grab your toes and push them to the floor.

Hold your hips and back straight for a few seconds.9.

Barbell Pull-downs: Sit on the floor with your elbows pointing out, elbows tucked under, and arms extended.

Push down on the dumbers for 30 to 45 seconds.10.

Bar Row: Sit with your back to a wall and pull your body up, keeping your elbows tucked underneath.

Push the dumber into your chest and bring it back down.

Hold it for three to five seconds before pushing the dumb end out.11.

Leg Curl: Stand on a bar and bring your feet up.

Lower your leg until it is under the bar.

Hold and repeat the movement for two sets of 10 reps.12.

Standing Tricep Curl/Leg Curl, Cable Curl (for those who like to stretch their legs): Sit on a flat surface with your body straight and your hands in a “V” position.

Bring your legs toward you, keeping the heels together.

Hold both arms straight.13.

Triceps, Lats, and Hamstrings: Place your hands under the chin and bend your knees until you feel a stretch in the upper back.

Stretch the abs and glutes to increase range of motion in the hamstrings and triceps.14.

Triceps and Triceps Extensions: Place the hands under your chin and push your elbows into your hips.

Push yourself into the air.

Keep both hands tucked under.15.

Dumbell Row, Side Lunge: Start in a seated position with your palms facing toward the floor and your elbows bent.

Keep the elbows straight, but don’t bend your elbows.

Lower to the ground with your glutes working to strengthen your glute muscles.16.

Dumbells for Hip Thrusts: Start with your hips pressed against the floor, pull them toward you and pull them back, keeping them tucked under and your hips bent.

Pull your heels down until your legs are bent. Hold.

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