Trump says he’d cut ‘tremendous’ aid to ‘dying countries’

Donald Trump has slammed the $1.6 billion in foreign aid that the US has sent to countries such as Nigeria, Liberia and Somalia in recent years as a waste of money that could be better used to fight poverty.

The Republican presidential nominee said in a Friday interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the aid is a “shameful waste” and a “disgrace to the United States”.

The US is the world’s biggest funder of foreign aid, spending $3.5 billion on aid last year.”

And I think the president needs to take a lot of pride in that, and we need to cut that money off.”

The US is the world’s biggest funder of foreign aid, spending $3.5 billion on aid last year.

Mr Trump said the aid was a waste, but he added: We’ve got a huge population that’s dying, we’re losing millions of people.

“I mean, we have a huge country where you can’t get on a plane.

We have a massive country where, you know, you can go to school and you can walk around and it’s totally, it’s a disaster,” he said.

The president’s remarks come as his administration ramps up efforts to tackle the global HIV pandemic.

The Trump administration has also ramped up its outreach to HIV-positive and AIDS-affected populations in the US and abroad, including a $3 billion HIV/AIDS outreach program.

Mr Zakaria also asked the Republican presidential candidate about his stance on the controversial ‘sanctuary cities’ law.

The legislation allows cities and counties in the country to refuse to enforce federal immigration laws if they feel that the individuals or entities that are detained in their jurisdictions are likely to commit crimes, a measure Mr Trump has said could lead to “disastrous consequences”.

The former reality TV star said he would not support a law that “opens the door to criminalising American citizens”.

“I will not support that,” he told Zakaria.

“I will veto that bill.

I will not sign that bill.”

Mr Trump has also been criticised for his rhetoric in recent weeks about the war on drugs, arguing that the “tremid and vicious” campaign against drugs is “totally counterproductive”.

He has also threatened to cut the amount of aid he gives to foreign governments that engage in drug enforcement.

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