Which exercise for you?

Exercise balls are often referred to as exercise wheels, because of the shape and weight of them.

But there’s something more than just the shape of the balls; they’re also designed to strengthen your lower back, knees, hips and feet.

Here are five exercises you can do with them.


Leg Raise: With a few feet apart, hold a weight that is the same weight as your hands, knees and feet, and stand in front of a wall or a desk.

Squat down to the floor, and raise your leg up to the wall or desk.

Move your legs back and forth, and repeat for 30 seconds.

The goal is to strengthen both the upper and lower back and hips.


Cat Exercise Wheel: Start in the middle of your body, and gradually turn to the left and right as you lower your body to the exercise wheel.

Squeeze the toes and bring your torso to the ground.

Move the left leg and the right leg simultaneously, and hold them in place for five seconds.

Move both legs to the right, and return to the starting position.


Knee Strengthening Exercise: Sit with your knees bent at 90 degrees.

With the knees tucked in, lift your torso and lower it to the ball, balancing on the balls shoulders.

Squish your hips back and raise the right foot to the top of the ball.

Squint at the floor as you lift your right leg to the sky.

Repeat on the left.


Handstand Pushup: Standing on the edge of a chair, place your left hand on the floor and hold it there for 10 seconds.

Push your right hand up until you feel your fingertips touch the ground, and then release.

Move forward and back until your left arm is above the chair.


Face Balancing Exercise: Stand in front the wall with your right arm extended, your left elbow bent at an angle to your body and your right foot on the ball (the one that’s in front).

Stand with your legs straight and lower yourself to the ceiling.

Place your right elbow in front, and place your right knee on the right edge of the wall.

Place the right hand on top of your left knee and place the other hand behind your right shoulder.

Hold the position for 15 seconds, then release with your left foot and repeat.

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